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sjstraith ([personal profile] sjstraith) wrote2011-02-28 11:28 am
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Micosoft Word and Excel Irritations, Part II


As noted in my previous post, I have a number of issues with regard to Office 2010.

Among other things, I am trying to make my Macro Applications functional in Excel 2010 and Word 2010 for those of my clients who have "upgraded" to Office 2010.

Now, with the earlier version of Office there wasn't to much of an issue with getting a package to work in an upgraded version. Possibly a minor change in the code due to an "enhancement" or "deprecation", nothing all that major. Not so, in 2010. *sigh*

To make matters worse, I find no way to let Microsoft know that their changes are causing some real problems. If anybody else can find a link on their bleeding site that let's someone tell them that their "brilliant" "improved" version isn't, I loved to hear about it.


It's probably just my frustration, but I feel like they are trying to put the small business/independent consultant out of business.